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Thank you so much for visiting our  website. My name is Donald E. Thornton and I am the Founder, President & CEO of B.U.I.L.D., Management, LLC, along with the Project A.R.C., Akron Redevelopment Coalition along with Business Network among other ventures. I can't tell you how excited my colleagues, friends, partners and associates are about this brilliant new opportunity to work together and to co-create new Economic  Development Plans and New Job Creation Plans in Akron, Ohio, America and the World's future. We are formulating an extraordinary concept,  with a very Powerful Mission and incredible Team of Corporate Developers, Marketing Directors, Community Leaders, Financial Advisors, Banking Advisors, Grant Writers, Business  Associates and Partners who all want to help fully manifest our Vision. Join us today and help co-create new jobs, all new businesses and all inclusive economic programs for people of all cultures. Join for FREE and share your vision for global economic development and enterprize.

Welcome to the Future of Ohio Jobs & Global Enterprise 

Margo Sommerville 

Akron, Ohio City Council President &

Akron Redevelopment Coalition, (ARC) 

Project Advisory Board - Chair 

Thank you for visiting our Project A.R.C., "Real Talk Real Deals" Economic Development Incubator website. Our Mission is straightforward, inclusive and beneficial to all. 

We have set out to simply explore new alternative ways to work with experienced and seasoned community leaders to Increase Economic Growth, Create New Sustainable Jobs and help the City of Akron, Ohio and the United States of America increase the growth of a Healthy Vibrant Economy and Dramatically Increase Ohio Travel & Tourism. As Akron, Ohio City Council President, it is my responsibility to do all that I can to help accomplish these goals and more. 

I am also obligated to leverage the full strength of my political office to help empower the impoverished and ultimately to do my best to help co-create "New Business & New Job Opportunities" which is what Akron, Ohio, has prioritized for decades. 

I am so excited to work with so many amazing "Community Leaders, Politicians & Local Business Leaders" such as Don Thornton, Gerald Gould and others who feel the same great sense of urgency to step up all of our efforts to deliver new jobs and opportunity. Please join our Economic Development Incubator so that together we can all Co-create new energy,  increased prosperity & Brand New Sustainable Jobs!

Theres a reason why Akron's a 3-Time All American City

Akron's Best Sites to Create New Businesses, Jobs Enterprise

City of Akron, Ohio Official Website

Visit the official website of the City of Akron, Ohio and learn why Akron is a 3-time All-American City selection.

Official Greater Akron Chamber Website

The Greater Akron Chamber is an economic development organization that is building a strong, innovative Akron.

Akron Community Foundation Website

ACF is a 501(c)(3) public charity composed of more than 400 charitable funds begun by people like you.

Official Project A.R.C., Akron Redevelopment Coalition

 Akron, Ohio entrepreneurs and local community leaders Donald E. Thornton, Gerald Gould and OC Murphy are Co-Developers of Project A.R.C., "Akron Redevelopment Coalition".  This is a dynamic all new project they decided to create in order to address the local and national unemployment crisis with a mission to dynamically increase  New Jobs Creation. They are formulating strategic partnerships with architects, land developers, engineers, builders, investors, project managers and Master Planners to co-develop multiple land development projects, tourist destinations, affordable housing and mixed use developments in Akron, Ohio and beyond.  

"The A.R.C. Team" is working diligently to structure, roll out and fully establish as strong an Economic Resource Coalition as possible to ensure that they are creating a "Business Model" with a strong network of reliable funding sources, investors and business banking partners to insure funding. To guarantee that their capital and assets are safe and secure, "The A.R.C. Team" is also bringing on board some of the finest financial management, legal advisors and accounting teams who excel at capital growth and management. 

"The A.R.C. Team" understands the need to raise our own money to get most deals started. We are at work identifying rock solid "Equity Partners" who understand the great value of our vision.   

Project A.R.C., is a "New Business Development Partner" of the "Real Talk Real Deals"  "Economic Development Incubator" whose joint mission is to raise funds for new business start-ups, operations, land development and Job Creation Ventures that will ultimately help to train, place and hire dormant workers in search of new sustainable jobs. Please feel free to contact us for any questions or to discuss your business services, products or enterprise. 

A Community Development Program Who's Time Has Come

The REAL TALK, REAL DEAL$ PROJECT is an Akron Ohio Economic Development Incubator and "Business Social Network Site". This is where we will change the nature and the very history of Akron, Ohio's  "Economic Growth, Health, Wealth & Prosperity". We look forward to working with like-minded visionaries who believe that they bring something to the table beneficial to all and are ready for some "Real Talk" when it comes to doing business in Akron, Ohio. We have been involved in business enterprises for a long time and have been impacting society locally, nationally & globally along our way. Now we want to raise the bar on Akron's growth. 

As we all know, money is the key to any successful project launch, health and sustainability. Therefore, we decided to take special care to undergird our "Real Talk Real Deals" Business Model with an effective "Economic Development Program". As we begin our launch into the marketplace our primary focus is to diligently work with the City of Akron, Ohio and it's finest minds to co-develop a successful Akron Business Environment. This initiative will be a great opportunity to build out futuristic properties that are designed to revitalize, grow and repopulate entire regions we agree to co-develop! That's what we have set out to do here. 

A house is only as strong as it's foundation. We are working to establish as strong an economic foundation as possible to make sure that we build a corporate model with a strong network of funding sources, investors and banking partners along with quality financial management, legal and accounting teams on board. We're raising our own money as well as identifying rock solid "Equity Partners" who understand and believe in our vision. We have put this "Economic Development Incubator" together to address first things first and that is to raise  funds for our land development plans, business ventures and job creation machines. We can then train and hire a very large workforce that we now seek to help put back to work. 

If you have not already done so, please feel free to join our network and take this "Economic Development Job Creation Journey" with us. We have an incredible team of businessmen and women who are poised to resurrect, repurpose and "Rebuild Old Communities" while simultaneously designing, co-developing and "Building New Communities". Join Us Today!

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~Marco S. Sommerville~
Deputy Mayor for Intergovernmental Affairs & Senior Advisor to the Mayor

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